docEdge DMS Manage your valuable
documents, giving you peace of mind as you
save time and money

docEdge DMS is the Sensible Choice?

Organize better

  • Create a centralized repository of all your documents.
  • Files of any format (e.g.DOC,XLS,PDF) can be added to the document repository
  • Importing existing documents is as simple as drag and drop
  • 4 ways to organize your documents – Folders, Tags, Types and Stacks
  • Distribute documents – Print, Email or Fax documents with a single click!
  • Collaborate – Share, Assign or Restrict your documents with others in your organization
  • Users get productive from day one
  • Minimize space used for document storage
  • Be More Efficient

  • Extremely easy to deploy and setup
  • No time lost filing & retrieving documents
  • Manage paper as well as electronic documents
  • Convert paper documents into electronic form by scanning
  • Automate your business process by using workflow
  • Quickly find the document you need … Always!
  • Access documents while you are travelling or at home
  • Save Costs

  • Minimal system and training requirements, low cost of ownership
  • Fast Search and User Friendly Interface Saves Time Every Day
  • Economical to own and use
  • Quick Return On Investment
  • Save on storage costs
  • Control Security At Every Step

  • Secure your documents by storing them in an encrypted form
  • Create role based security as per your organization’s hierarchy
  • Provide controlled access to your documents
  • Create and retain multiple versions of the same document
  • Control which users can print, email and distribute documents
  • Find out which users created, modified or deleted particular documents and at what time
  • Your documents stay in their original format (if encryption is not enabled)
  • No Lost Files

    Lost documents can be expensive and time-consuming to replace.
    In docEdge DMS, imaged documents remain centrally stored when
    being viewed, so none are lost or misplaced.

    How sure are you that all of your employees spend their time on productive tasks only?
    With the traditional handling of documents come a lot of unproductive tasks which eat into your employees office time. Here is what docEdge DMS does:

    • docEdge DMS comes with a host of features for indexing, tagging and linking documents so that your employees don’t have to spend much time searching for documents.

    • docEdge DMS is a single repository for your entire organization’s documents. This makes locating files easier for your employees and eliminates their trips to the warehouse or storage unit to physically search files.

    • Advanced scanning options provided by docEdge DMS allow users to add single or multiple documents in no time with support for ADF and duplex scanners.

    • Unlike other complex software, docEdge DMS is extremely easy to use with its simple look and feel. It supports file Drag and Drop which means you can drag and drop almost any document into the docEdge DMS repository.

    We are here to serve you

    Version Control

    docEdge DMS retains a unique and complete copy of each version of each document.

    Optical Character Recognition

    Built in OCR autmatically indexes scanned documents, making them searchable instantly.

    Metadata and Templates

    All documents provide default properties like Author, Subject, Coverage, and Date.


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    Document Annotations

    You can catch the attention of your colleagues to a specific part of the document

    E-Forms Management

    you make your form and document processes paperless, efficient, and even automated.

    Check-in and Check-out

    This feature enables users to change the file of a document in the electronic document management software.

    E-mail Documents

    This makes email management all the more important for reducing risk.

    Multi Tenency

    The Multi-tenancy enables multiple independent tenants to be hosted on a single instance, which can be installed either on a single server or across a cluster of them.

    All Features are Captured By docEdge - Enterprises Document Management Suite

    • 30 Days Trial Time
    • Extensive e-learning
    • Pay only when executing processes in production (i.e. docEdge Engine)

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    docEdge Recognized as the Challenger in New Magic Quadrant for idocS 2016

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